Recently OpenRules, Inc. registered the domain ““. Why did we do it? Because OpenRules Decision Manager dramatically simplifies the creation and maintenance of Operational Decision Microservices! Since we made the first SaaS Rule Engine available in AWS Marketplace on March 3, we experience a strong increase in the number of downloads and requests from the existing customers and prospects who want to develop their domain-specific Decision Microservices.

With the new Release 8.1.2, our product has already achieved a stable state and demonstrates great performance. Just look at an AWS Lambda microservice that executes a huge decision table with ~17K rules within 1 millisecond! Now our development priorities switch to the integration of OpenRules-based Decision Microservices into various modern architectures and platforms. We already provide a push-button deployment to AWS Lambda and EC2 instances. Our decision microservices work well with AWS Step functions state machines and Apache Kafka event streams, and now we have working examples of running them directly on Android when there is no Internet connection. Stay tuned: more OpenRules Decision Microservices are on the way!

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