OpenRules Growing Popularity

Since the beginning of 2021 OpenRules Decision Manager‘s popularity is growing at an unusually high pace. The last month our website had 33K visitors that is much more than traditional 20K visitors per month. We’ve already closed several very important deals this year, and now several other large customers have successfully completed their POCs building and deploying OpenRules-based decision microservices on their preferred clouds. Here are important factors that contribute to this success:

  • OpenRules Decision Microservices show a fantastic speed – 100K requests per second sets a very high bar for competing products to beat.
  • Our customers are usually quite impressed how easy to represent complex decision logic without programming.
  • New OpenRules Explorer provides an integrated decision modeling environment with automatically built Decision Diagrams. It allows our customers to create, test, analyze, and deploy their business decision models from one graphical interface. The Explorer is well-integrated with Excel used only as the most friendly and powerful table editor.
  • OpenRules Debugger is probably the most user-friendly Rule Debugger on the market today: it allows business people to visually execute their business rules one-by-one, table-by-table, set breakpoints, and analyze why certain rules are or are not being executed.
  • Our updated licensing policy is very flexible providing an attractive pricing mechanism to large enterprises, midsize, or small businesses. Our subscriptions price starts at only $95 per month!
  • Availability of OpenRules products from AWS Marketplace is a big plus.

And finally, our highly knowledgeable support team always provides timely and comprehensive help to our customers during POC development, deployment, and ongoing production. See What People Say.

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