Christmas Model in JavaSolver offered the Dec-2022 Challenge “Christmas Model” created with ChatGPT. This nice model defines a set of people, a set of gifts, the happiness level, and costs of each gift. The objective is to maximize the total happiness, subject to the budget constraint that the total cost of the gifts must be less than or equal to the budget, and the constraint that each person can only receive one gift. As a holiday exercise, I tried to implement it using a free and open-sourced Here is my solution:

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Happy Holidays

The Holidays season is upon us, and OpenRules team wants to express our sincere appreciation to all our customers and colleagues around the world. In 2022 we made very serious enhancements to OpenRules products and apparently our customers like them. We promise to make OpenRules even more powerful and user-friendlier in 2023. We wish you and your families all the best in the coming New Year!