Decision Services: Free POC Development

OpenRules Decision Manager becomes so powerful and easy to use that it dramatically reduces the efforts needed to develop new decision models and deploy them on cloud as decision microservices. Usually everything is done in Excel with our graphical Explorer without any coding. Along with development of large decision-making applications, our team has great practical experience of rapid creation of working prototypes or Proof of Concepts (POC). After a brief meeting with a customer, we quickly (usually within 1-3 days!) put together a POC tested locally and deployed on cloud, so the customer may start testing it remotely without any installations! Continue reading

OpenRules Release 8.4.2 improves Validation and Consistency Checking of Rule Repositories

Our customers will appreciate the new OpenRules Release 8.4.2 as it essentially improves the validation and consistency checking of their Rule Repositories. It provides much better error diagnostics in business friendly terms. In the Release 8.4.2 we actually implemented a new built-in compiler that runs during the BUILD phase (build.bat), so the majority of errors can be caught before Java code generation. We also added an ability to use CSV-files in situations when XLS-files are too big/slow to handle. We removed Maven Wrapper from all samples and made a free Apache Maven a pre-requisite. Release Notes