In memory of Eliyahu Goldratt

Today searching web for goal programming sources I suddenly learned that last year Eliyahu Goldratt died. He was 64. I remember how impressed I was with his books “The Goal” and “Theory of Constraints” that helped me with an implementation of a custom supply chain system at the end of 90’s. I remember reading “The Goal” aloud to my wife – it was more than another technical book. Not being a native English speaker, he used plain English to explain complex issues in a very unconventional way. Continue reading

Different Decision Tables for a Very Simple Use Case

The responses to the RFP of OMG  DMN (Decision Model and Notation) standard are scheduled to arrive in May of 2012. Trying to keep this process as close as possible to the everyday decision management reality, I posted several use cases at the DMN Discussion Group and tried to formulate down-to-earth questions that DMN will hopefully address. Here I want to take almost trivial rules and discuss different implementation options using decision tables. Continue reading