Development and Run-Time Licenses

Our customers deploy OpenRules decision services using multiple cloud-based microservices, on premise servers, or smartphone apps. Multiple production instances can be too expensive and our customers want to have a clear pricing model for as many decision services as they want to maintain independently how these services are being deployed. We listened and came up with a new pricing model that consists of two license types, Development License and Run-Time License:

You may use our yearly subscriptions to purchase:

  • Development License  that provides you with one OpenRules installation for development, testing, and deployment of your decision models. It also includes Technical Support and one Run-Time license. The yearly fee is only $4,995.
  • Run-Time Licenses for multiple production instances such as AWS Lambda decision microservices or smartphone installations. The yearly fee starts at $500 and goes down as the number of licenses increases. Here is the current pricing table:
Number of Run-Time Licences Cost per License
2-10 $500.00
11-25 $400.00
26-50 $300.00
51-100 $200.00
Above 100 Contact OpenRules to get a special price based on the actual number of required licenses

This pricing scheme not only brings OpenRules run-time fee down 10 times, but also removes all uncertainties. Independently of how a decision service is deployed, every deployed instance needs a run-time license. Here is a typical pricing for one decision service deployed as AWS Lambda with the concurrency limit set to 3:

  • 1 Development license including support and 1 run-time license: $4,995
  • 2 Run-time licenses: 2 x $500 = $1,000
  • Total yearly cost: $5,995

We have customers who are looking to install OpenRules-based services on 4,000+ Android devices because they are not always connected to the Internet. Of course, the price for their run-time licenses goes down dramatically. Being used by worldwide organizations for 16 years, we never lost deals on price. We will continue to accommodate customer’s requests by reaching mutually-beneficial licensing agreements. If you have any licensing questions, please contact

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