OpenRules Dialog Questions in Multiple Tables

If you have too many questions in your OpenRules Dialog project, you may want to split a large table “questions” into several tables. Instead of one table with the signature

Rules questions extends questionsTemplate

you may create two tables with signatures:

Rules questions1 extends questionsTemplate

Rules questions2 extends questionsTemplate

It is up to you which questions you will put in which table. You only need to add an additional method that combines these two tables:

Questions12It is important that its name of this method is still “questions“. You just need to look at the template “questionsTemplate” in the standard file “DialogRules.xls” to understand why you need to use 3 parameters. For 3 tables, you will need to add one more check:


You may find a complete example in the sample-project DialogType4 in the file “PagesSectionsQuestionsMany.xls”.

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