OpenRules Sandbox

To simplify an evaluation of the OpenRules BDMS we’ve created an OpenRules Sandbox – see  So, you do not have to download or install any software to be able to run your own decision models. You may look to some examples of the decision models at For example, you may open in your browser the file DecisionHello.xls, save it locally as, say, DecisionMy.xls. You need only Excel to modify this file by adding your own decision tables, glossary, and test data. Then you may simply upload this file to using access attributes provided here. Then you may open the OpenRules Sandbox in your browser using this URL


Then you will enter Decision Model URL: (or any other file name you prefer for your model). When you click on “Execute Decision Model”, your model will be executed and you will see errors or actual results.

Of course, you may use your own server to upload your decision model – just enter the proper link as the Decision Model URL, and you will be ale to execute your remote model.

Nothing to download or install – neither OpenRules software nor Apache Ant or even Java! Nothing to pay as well. So, using only Excel you may create your custom decision models and execute them remotely. Hopefully, our potential customers (especially business analysts) would appreciate this evaluation process. Of course, they always may download and install the standard OpenRules software from here.

One comment on “OpenRules Sandbox

  1. OpenRules Sandbox has been enhanced. The new description can be found at Now you have more standard decision models added to the Sandbox – you may simply open and run them by clicking on the engine-icon. The execution results are displayed on a separate web-page. You also may add a URL for your own uploaded decision model implemented in Excel and run it from the Sandbox,

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