Advancing AWS Lambda Decision Services

AWS Lambda has recently extended the capability to track the current state of a function through its lifecycle. In this post AWS wrote: “We’re extending the General Update from September 30 2021 to December 5 2021. The End of Delayed Update date is now also changed to December 6 2021.” With this change, all users of AWS Lambda need to update their AWS SDK-based automation workflows. How would it affect OpenRules-based decision services deployed as AWS Lambdas?

If you deployed your OpenRules-based decision model as an AWS Lambda function, it will continue to work without changes. However, if you want to make changes in the decision model and re-deploy you may receive an error like this one: “The operation cannot be performed at this time.” To resolve this issue, on December 5 we provided an emergency patch to the OpenRules Decision Manager Release 8.4.2 and you need to update your release. Contact if there are any issues.

As an alternative, instead of the simple “deployLambda.bat” you may use “package.bat” to pack your decision model as a jar-file and use the default AWS Lambda deployment GUI by uploading this file through AWS API Gateway.

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