Using Formulas in Glossary

The new OpenRules Decision Manager 8.3.0 along with “Decision Model Explorer“ includes an ability to define some decision variables by using formulas directly in the Glossary. For instance, in the standard sample “PatientTherapy” we can modify the glossary as follows:

Here we commented out the decision variable “Patient Creatinine Clearance” inside the business concept “Patient” by putting “//” in front of its name. Then we defined this variable in a separate row using the formula indicator “:=” and the snippet “CreatinineClearanceFormula(decision)”. This snippet can be defined in Excel as

Instead of this Excel-based “Method” we could use a simple Java method defined in a Java package included in the project classpath.

Using “:=” also provides a convenient way to define different named constants directly in the Glossary, for instance:

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