Decision Model Execution: Improved Explanations

Traditionally when we ran an OpenRules-based decision model using a script “test.bat”, a user received an execution protocol on the console view, a “black” screen. While it showed all executed rules, it still was difficult for a user to find all changes especially when there are too many rules. The latest release of OpenRules Decision Manager essentially beatifies rules execution protocols and reports showing all rules in a hierarchical order and highlighting the variables which values that were actually changed.

Here is an example of the old execution protocol for the decision model “Hello”:

Compare it with the new execution protocol for the same decision model:

Our customers will appreciate the improved readability of the execution reports. They also can look at the same report in the HTML format generated in the file “report/Test3.html”:

Note that each rule also include hyperlinks to the ranges inside Excel files in which these rules were defined. You may click on them and the proper Excel file will be opened. The advantages of the improved reporting facilities are especially visible when you look at more complex decision models, .e.g. here is the protocol for the model “PatientTherapy”:


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