OpenRules SaaS Rule Engine

This month OpenRules Decision Manager became the first SaaS Rule Engine available in AWS Marketplace. It gives our customers an opportunity to execute OpenRules-based decision services using a “Pay-As-You-Go” pricing model. You may read the Press Release approved by the AWS Marketplace team.  Using your AWS account, you can now subscribe to our AWS SaaS Subscription that allows you to pay a minimal fee for only what you actually use with all charges coming from Amazon AWS Marketplace.

The subscription includes 30,000 free trial executions that gives you enough time for a free evaluation.

When your free trial is about to expire, you will receive a warning email  and you’d be able to cancel your subscription at anytime. Otherwise, you will start paying a minimal transaction fee of $0.025 only when you actually execute OpenRules-based services – see Pricing Considerations.

You still may create and test your business decision models locally using only Excel and File Manager. Then you with one click may deploy using Java API, or as a AWS Lambda, or as a RESTful Web Service, or as a Docker Container. Thus, you are in complete control of your decision modeling and execution environment. You integrate your OpenRules-based services with your decision-making applications the way you prefer. With a SaaS Subscription every time when your application executes an OpenRules-based decision service this execution will be reported to AWS Metering Service for the correct billing at the end of each month. Here is the high-level architectural diagram:

Alternatively, you may switch to our Yearly Subscription and there will be no reporting to AWS.

Give it a try for free and you will be able to download OpenRules Decision Manager, and analyze different deployment and payment options using 3 provided sample projects:

  • VacationDays
  • VacationDaysLambda
  • VacationDaysSpringBoot.

When they successfully run with just a few clicks, try to create your own decision model and check its actual performance.

If you have any issues or suggestions for improvement, please contact

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