How to build Decision Microservices with OpenRules, SpringBoot, and Docker

Nowadays, when microservices quickly overcome the legacy style of monolithic applications, it’s only natural to deploy Business Decision Models as Decision Microservices. We’ve just published a new tutorial that in a step-by-step manner explains how to convert OpenRules-based decision models, created and tested by business users, to decision microservices with Spring Boot and then containerize them with Docker. Following the tutorial you will learn how to:

  • “Mavenize” the standard OpenRules configuration
  • Create a simple Maven project in Eclipse which will be used to invoke OpenRules-based service “Vacation Days” with business logic represented in Excel decision tables
  • Test it from Java
  • Convert this decision service to a simple REST web application built using Spring Boot and test it with POSTMAN using JSON and Java
  • Containerize this decision service using Docker and test it using POSTMAN and/or a Java-based client.
  • Add more decision services.

In the end, you will be ready to create and containerize your own OpenRules decision services. For your convenience, we added a new workspace “” to the standard evaluation version. Link

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