My New Year Letter to OpenRules Customers

Dear Customers,

I’m Jacob Feldman, the CTO of OpenRules, Inc. I wanted to reach out to wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for your ongoing support of OpenRules. 2018 was a very successful year for OpenRules. We essentially advanced our decision engine to support a new decision modeling approach. We also received the Business Rules Excellence Award. For those of you who have already experienced the latest OpenRules Release 7.0.0, I hope you are seeing the benefits of the work we did during the last few years to improve the OpenRules robustness, reliability and simplicity of use.

The newly introduced Goal-Oriented Approach to Decision Modeling is the simplest way for business analysts to create powerful, maintainable, and self-explanatory decision models. We are receiving a very positive feedback from customers who started to use OpenRules to build their decision models in a goal-oriented manner. They begin with a high-level business goal, then represent business logic behind this goal using Excel-based decision tables, and then continue doing the same for sub-goals until all sub-goals are defined. The resulting decision model is composed of a business glossary surrounded by decision tables. It’s as simple as that! You don’t have to manually define any dependencies between different goals and sub-goals: the newest OpenRules engine is now capable of figuring out all dependencies and related sequencing by itself. Business analysts may also create and execute test-cases for their decision models before passing them to IT for an essentially simplified integration. When you execute decision models, OpenRules generates user-friendly HTML-reports with very detailed explanations about why certain decisions were made. Read more here, see a complete example in this article, and download OpenRules-7 with a lot of new goal-oriented decision models.

Furthermore, now you don’t even have to download anything to try the latest release of OpenRules. Instead, you may use the new graphical “Decision Model Analyzer freely available from cloud. This Analyzer comes with a collection of predefined decision models and allows business users to add, execute, and analyze their own decision models. The Analyzer itself is a web application built using OpenRules, and if you wish, you may download it with all its sources and customize it for your own needs.

Beyond the product itself, we have also continued to improve Customer Care for OpenRules users. This year, we introduced Migration Services, and are increasing our technical support & consulting resources. You may learn news about OpenRules and Decision Management Community in general by following my blog and twitter.

Overall, we are confident that OpenRules today is the best OpenRules ever. Now as we turn the corner into 2019, we are committed to working hard in order to make OpenRules even better. Once again, thank you very much for being our customer.

Jacob Feldman, PhD

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