OpenRules Release 6.4.0 Supports DMN FEEL and DMN Interchange

OpenRules, Inc. was among the first Business Rules vendors who announced its support of the DMN standard and published a DMN Primer implementation just two weeks after the first DMN announcement in 2013. Since then we are steadily improving our DMN compliance.

A new OpenRules® Release 6.4.0 comes as a response to the newest standard version DMN 1.1. It supports major arithmetic and logical expressions defined by DMN FEEL expression language. And we don’t shy away from the DMN’s challenge to use long variable names with spaces or surrounded by special characters. The new release also supports a new DMN Interchange Format being capable to extract all decision tables from a DMN XML file and to generate the proper OpenRules decision tables in Excel. See the detailed description of the new features in the Release 6.4.0 Notes.

You may also analyze a new implementation of the DMN 1.1 Chapter 11 example “Decision Loan Origination”. It shows in details how major DMN features can be implemented in OpenRules. The Release 6.4.0 comes with a new workspace “openrules.dmn” that includes many simple and complex working examples which demonstrate various DMN constructs in OpenRules formats.

OpenRules® 6.4.0 is publicly available – you may download a complete release or try an evaluation version with or without any downloads. If you have any questions and/or suggestions for improvement, please post them at the Google Discussion Group or send them to OpenRules, Inc. also provides consulting and training services around its flagship product.

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