DecisionCAMP 2016

DecisionCAMPLast year the organizers of the DecisionCAMP (including myself) were not able to organize this very popular event that started in 2008 (see the history below). So, this year I put a lot of time and efforts to revive the Decision CAMP and have become its Chair and the main driving force behind the event. Thanks to support of our colleagues from RuleML and, we will  hold DecisionCAMP-2016 on July 7-8, 2016 at Stony Brook University, New York.

I highly appreciate the support we received from the leading business rules and decision management authorities, BR&DM vendors, and practitioners who joined the event as presenters, program committee members, and/or just as attendees. We actually received more submissions than we were able to accommodate within 2 days. OMG decided to hold the DMN 1.1 Revision Task meeting on July 6, thus bringing the majority of DMN experts to the event.

DecisionCAMP-2016 promises to become the major decision modeling event of the year as it will summarize the current state of the DMN standard, discuss real-world business cases and new functionality of various BR&DM tools. See Website | Program | Authors | Presentations.

There will be plenty of very interesting presentations. Two of them will involve OpenRules:

Looking forward to seeing many of our colleagues at the DecisionCAMP-2016 next week!

P.S. A brief history:


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