After bpmNEXT-2016

Today was the last day of bpmNext-2016 – a great event concentrated around 3 closely related technologies and their standards: BPMN, CMMN, and DMN. You may look at the program to see how many well-known experts and vendors attended the conference. The quality of presentations and informal discussions during and after the sessions was something that we all will remember after this event. You may find several blogs about the presentations here and here. This year decision modeling and decision management technologies for the first time really penetrated this traditionally business process management conference. So it was really good to see this slide at the conference summary:

ThisIsTheYearForDMNIt also was nice to see that OpenRules’ DMN and Decision Optimization message was well received and  we even were voted #3 in the Best-in-Show voting.  I had many good conversations with very interesting people and got several promising cooperation proposals. Our next upcoming event is DecisionCAMP on July 7-8, 2016 and I hope OpenRules will be able to contribute to bpmNext-2017 as well.

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