bpmNEXT 2016

This year OpenRules will participate in the bpmNEXT 2016 that will take place at Santa Barbara, CA on April 19-21, 2016. This is a very selective conference that does not allow marketing and forces the presenters to do only live demonstrations of specific achievements that have a chance to shape the next generation of Business Process Management software – including intelligent operations, the Internet of Things, case management, business decision management, and goal-directed processes. I will present “Dynamic Decision Models: Activation/Deactivation of Business Rules in Real ­Time” on Apr. 21 at 14:00. Here is an abstract of my presentation:

“Traditional business decision models created in the DMN recommended style are static by nature ­ all business rules included in the model are already defined and activated. In real­-world applications such as product configuration, pricing, scheduling, and resource allocation, users want to analyze behavior of their decision models by activating /deactivating different rules in real time. It means rules activation/deactivation should be propagated right away showing the changes in decision variables using a business friendly web interface. More than that, users want to see and compare different alternative decisions produced by the decision model, and to find an optimal decision based on their business objectives. So far, this functionality was out of reach for the majority of rules-­based systems. Our presentation will demonstrate how this functionality is implemented using a new OpenRules What-­If Analyzer for decision modeling.”

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