OpenRules 6.3.4 Introduces What-If Analyzer of Decision Models

On December 28, 2015 we published a new OpenRules release 6.3.4 that introduces What-If Analyzer, the first tool of this type in the Decision Management domain. Its main purpose is to support what-if analysis of decision models built in accordance with the DMN standard. What-if analysis is the process of changing the business rules that represent business logic to see how those changes will affect the outcome of the decision model. Here is the main view of the What-If Analyzer for the decision model “Make a Good Burger” offered by the

A user make activate/deactivate any business rules by making a check in the column “Active” and immediately see how these changes affected the Possible Values of decision variables. If a conflicting rule is found it will be displayed in the column “Conflict”. By clicking on “Solution” a user may see a feasible solution that satisfies all active rules, and by clicking on “Next” or “Prev” a user may navigate through multiple solutions like on the picture below:


By clicking on “Minimize” or “Maximize” a user may find a solution that optimizes the objective decision variable.


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