2013 => 2014

2013 was a year when OpenRules became 10 years old. These days it is a mature BR&D (Business Rules and Decision) Management product used by thousands of customers worldwide.  The following statistic from http://openrules.com demonstrates the constantly growing popularity of our product:


Only in December 2013 we had more than 30,000 visitors. OpenRules has well-proven records and deserved very good feedback. Now it is characterized by stability, scalability, high performance, and user friendliness.  In 2013 we published 4 new releases: most of the improvements were initiated by real-world customers “from the trenches”. This year OpenRules became the first product to support a newly published standard DMN while it also supports TDM methodology since 2009. Our customers will see many new features added to the product in 2014.

Below you may find photos from some 2013 events related to the decision management – the latest events come first:

  • Nov 4-6, 2013. San Jose, CA. Decision CAMP 2013OpenRules, Inc. was one of theDSCN2153 organizers and platinum sponsors of this first international technical event devoted exclusively to Decision Management. DecisionCAMP-2014 is going to be even better.


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