Decision Execution Reports

OpenRules Release 6.2.3 adds an ability to generate decision execution reports in the HTML format. These reports help a rule designer to analyze which rules were actually executed and in which order. 

To generate an execution report, you should add the following setting to the decision’s Java launcher:

decision.put(“report”, “On”);

before calling decision.execute(). By default, execution reports are not generated.

OpenRules® automatically creates a sub-directory “report” in your main project directory and places several html-files (one per decision table) inside this sub-directory. For every decision table, including single-hit, multi-hit, and rule sequencing tables, OpenRules® generates a separate html-file with the name “Report<n>.<DecisionTableName>.html“, where n is an execution order number for this particular decision table. For example, for the sample project “DecisionLoan” OpenRules® will generate the following files:

where the first report file Report.DetermineLoanPreQualificationResults.html contains hyperlinks to all other reports (read more at the User Manual, p. 33).

Similarly, Rule Solver™ now produces its own execution report in the HTML format. See an example of a RuleSolverReport.html produced for the same decision “DecisionLoan” but executed in the OPENRULES_MODE equal to “Solve”.

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