Search and Replace in Multiple Excel Files with IceTeaReplacer

I believe that OpenRules users will find that a new free tool called “IceTeaReplacer” can be very useful for doing search&replace in OpenRules repositories. Here is a functional description from their website:

IceTeaReplacer is a simple, yet a powerful tool to search inside multiple Microsoft’s Office Word (doc, docx), Excel (xls, xlsx) files within a directory (and it’s subdirectories) and replace provided phrase. Options available:

  • Perform search before replacing
  • Match whole word only
  • Ignore word case
  • Do backup before replace
  • Deselect files on which you don’t want to perform replace.

Here is an example of its graphical interface:

It would be nice if the product would also:

  • show names of worksheets, numbers of found occurrences and optionally their coordinates (row:col)
  • open a worksheet with the found word and allow navigation through multiple occurrences
  • not to force to close Excel before “Search”.

Anyway, we want to thank the author of this simple but very useful tool.

This is another proof how useful to stick to the standard formats like “xls” instead of inventing proprietary ones: third parties automatically add useful functionality to your product. OpenRules users already enjoy the power of Google Docs while doing collaborative rules management.

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