OpenRules Products

OpenRules® products allow business analysts to develop, test, and execute Operational Decision Models and to work in concert with developers to deploy them on premise or on cloud:
The classical OpenRules BRDMS, a highy popular open source Business Rules and Decision Management System, has proven records of being in real-world production environments for many major organizations worldwide for 15+ years.

The OpenRules Decision Manager has been specifically developed in 2019 for modern enterprises to support millions of decisioning transactions per day with very high performance requirements. It strictly concentrates on Decision Models that can be created, deployed, and executed as Operational Decision Services on cloud and containers.

Business Analysts can use OpenRules with MS Excel or Google Sheets to create enterprise-level Business Rules Repositories. They can build, test, and maintain Business Decision Models in accordance with the Goal-Oriented Decision Modeling approach described in this book. Both products, OpenRules BRDMS and Decision Manager, can build and execute the same decision models.

The tested decision models can be deployed as AWS Lambda functions or containerized Decision Services using Docker and Kubernetes, and run on a variety of cloud vendor platforms including AWS, Azure, Google, or IBM.