OpenRules is Shining in the Serverless World

When 3.5 years ago we introduced a new OpenRules Decision Manager, it was specifically designed as a Decision Intelligence Framework for creation, debugging, and management of Superfast Decision Microservices for that time brand new Serverless world. Over the last 3 years we witnessed how major corporate customers migrated their rules-based applications deployed on the large web servers to OpenRules. Over the last few weeks we saw how several new customers were really surprised that they don’t need anymore heavy lifting for building and managing their rules-based light-weighted microservices. In this brief post I share a working sample that demonstrates how easy it is to build, test, debug, deploy, and run RESTful decision services with OpenRules using any on-cloud or on-premise infrastructure.

The standard OpenRules installation includes a sample project called “VacationDaysSpringBoot“. This project uses business rules from the basic sample “VacationDays” described here.

I can package this already tested decision model into a jar-file by double-clicking on the provided file “VacationDaysSpringBoot\package.bat”. It will generate an executable jar-file “VacationDaysSpringBoot-1.0.0.jar” in the folder “target”.  Then I start this decision service on my local machine using the simple command “java -jar VacationDaysSpringBoot-1.0.0.jar“:

Now I make invoke the deployed service from POSTMAN as follows:

I can move this jar-file to any location and it will continue work as well. This jar-file is ready to be uploaded to AWS or another cloud repository to invoke our decision service remotely. Instead of a jar-file, you may automatically generate a Docker image and put this decision service into any standard container registry.

You may download a free evaluation version of OpenRules and try yourself the amazing simplicity offered by OpenRules for building, deploying, and running Decision Services of any complexity.

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