A new book “DMN in Action with OpenRules”

bookcoverprintThis month I published a new book “DMN in Action with OpenRules” at Amazon. This is a practical guide for people who want to understand how to create and maintain business decision models. The guide is based on the DMN standard and OpenRules. It is oriented to business analysts looking to build operational decision models for their own business environment.

This guide explains how to do it in a step-by-step easy to understand style. It consists of a series of dialog-sessions in which an AUTHOR explains basic concepts and a READER asks questions and implements the concepts.  As a result, you will participate in building complete decision models being able to learn practical decision modeling techniques by example. You may “Look Inside” the book directly from Amazon.

This guide by no means is another DMN textbook as it does not cover all the items introduced in the DMN standard. On the contrary, it concentrates on the most frequently used decision modeling constructs described in DMN, oriented to non-programmers, and already used in operational environments by multiple, real-world OpenRules customers.

The guide is accompanied by open source software available from http://DMNinACTION.com.  You may open OpenRules Why-Analyzer to select, analyze, and test all included decision models online without any downloads or installations. You also may open and analyze all decision models using MS Excel or Google Sheets.

If you want to download these decision models to your own computer, make changes and execute them locally, you may receive a free evaluation copy of OpenRules by submitting the proper request. Alternatively, you may get an evaluation copy directly from www.OpenRules.com and use it to run the existing or to create your own decision models.

The book is available from Amazon for just $9.95. The electronic version is not only cheaper, but allows you to use multiple hyperlinks and to enlarge pictures and fonts. Your comments and suggestions for improvements are very welcome.

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