OpenRules 6.1.1 is available for downloads

A new release 6.1.1 further advances the Executable Decision Model introduced by the OpenRules-6 in March 2011. It provides new features based on the real-world feedback. In particular, the release 6.1.1 includes more advanced templates for for Decisions, Decision Tables, and Glossaries. It also allows a user to go beyond the limitations of the Decision Model by adding different kinds of decision tables that support rules overrides.

The release 6.1.1 includes a very detailed User Manual (~150 pages) and several tutorials that hopefully will be appreciated by our customers. It provides an ability to compare values within decision tables with allowable values described in the glossaries as possible domains. These domains will be more effectively used in the oncoming new version of the Rule Solver that will be tightly integrated with decision models. As usual, the new release fixes some bugs – see Release Notes. You may download a new release from here. Post your comments and questions at the newly created Google OpenRules Group.

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